Upgrade Your Backyard

Make your Property More Safe and Beautiful with Exterior Lighting and Electrical Hook-ups


Our services include:


Light Up Your Garden Parties with Exterior Lighting

Make your backyard beautiful and safe with landscape, pool or hot tub lighting. We will help you develop your ideas or design exterior lighting to meet your needs.

Install Convenient Outdoor Outlets

From outlet installations to recessed lighting, we specialize in both residential and commercial electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Improve your Home’s Security with Motion Activated Lights

Adding exterior motion activated lights to your home or yard help keep watch for any prowlers and deter them when the lights turn on suddenly.

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Modernize Your Home for Safety and Efficiency

Make a Splash with Pool WIRing

We run electrical power and install new fixtures for all types of pool projects. For above-ground pools, we install wiring underground in conduit for the pool filter and 110 volt receptacles. For in-ground pools, we install underground wiring for the pool filter, pool lights, 110 volt receptacles, and a time clock.

Hook Up Your New Hot Tub

We can run either a 110 volt or 220 volt line from an electric panel to an outdoor GFI breaker location and then run the outdoor electrical piping to your hot tub.

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