Electric Generator Installations

Deliver Electric Power to Your Home Whenever There Is a Power Failure


A generator can save you the expense of costly repairs due to frozen pipes and flooded basements


Standby Generators

Automatically detects a power outage and within seconds, starts up and restores your power, then automatically turns off when power is restored.

Based on the size of the generator, either your whole house can have power, or just the dedicated circuits throughout your house that you have chosen.

Generators are fueled by propane or natural gas.

The generator automatically starts and runs for 10 minutes once a week to ensure everything is working properly for when you need it.

Never go powerless again, even when you're not home.


Portable Generators

Wonderful for those power outages and when you need power for your water, refrigerator, and sump pump.

Our electricians install a portable generator hookup from a simple cord plugged into the generator through to a small panel, with 6, 8, or 10 circuits, next to your electrical panel.

Typically, we recommend a 7500 watt generator with electric start and wheel kit so it can be easily moved outside. Choosing a portable generator has a variety of benefits, including:

  • This is a very affordable system

  • Have backup power for your for your well pump, heater, and refrigerator


Not Sure which is the best FIT for you?

We will assess your power needs, budget, and ability to roll out the generator when needed to help choose the right generator for you.


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